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Jacqueline E. King, AACTE

There is a growing body of research suggesting that concerns about compensation generally—and about being able to repay student loans in particular—are dissuading college students from choosing teaching as a career. To help AACTE members better understand the financial pressures impacting education students, this issue brief takes a detailed look at how students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education pay for college, including the costs that they face and the financial sources that they tap to meet those expenses.


Across the nation, the education profession faces persistent teacher shortages coupled with a diversity gap between educators and their students. The effects of COVID-19 on the diversification of the profession has further exacerbated the financial divide that pre-dated the pandemic, but now threatens the financial supports that prospective and current education students of color rely on to complete their preparation programs. Although we are witnessing a national response to the racial injustices our communities of color experience for simply living their lives, educators agree that they must be prepared to address these injustices in their classrooms and within their communities. AACTE continues to lead its members as they respond to these challenges with innovative solutions that support the preparation and retention of the nation's educators, specifically investing in our educators of color.

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