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Trails Pathways Alliance

The Pathways Alliance seeks to bring together a broad and diverse group of organizations from around the country to curate and develop resources for state education authority/local education authority decision makers and policy makers seeking information on designing, implementing, and improving quality, sustainable educator preparation programs.


Members of the alliance must be public or nonprofit organizations, must have experience with or expertise in designing, implementing, and/or improving educator preparation programs, and must be willing to actively engage in the community and collaborate with other member organizations.


At this time, membership in the Pathways Alliance entails a commitment to:

  • Have your organization’s logo posted on the Pathways Alliance website with a list of members, and for your membership to be promoted through Pathways Alliance social media channels

  • Attend a monthly all-member call (~30 minutes) during which new members are announced, upcoming programming is promoted, and gaps in resources are identified.

  • Receive approximately two email newsletters monthly

  • Respond to requests from the Alliance for resources to address gaps identified by the field by sharing existing resources or collaborating with other members to develop new resources, where appropriate based on individual member expertise.

  • Participate in, attend, promote, and/or present through Pathways Alliance webinars, podcasts, and other programming when possible and as appropriate based on individual member expertise.

To join the Pathways Alliance or submit a resource to the Resource Library, complete the corresponding form below:

For other inquiries, contact us at the form below:

Thanks for submitting!

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