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Advice: Considerations for Creating a Homegrown Residency Program

The Learning Accelerator


Concrete guide to ensuring true alignment with your residency partner

Particularly for schools and systems seeking to scale innovative models, it is vital to think about how to leverage and apply Five Domains for Teacher Preparation Transformation effectively. With some domains, this may be a straightforward endeavor. For example, systems may inquire about the specific supports needed for residents to be successful within their singular model. However, in other instances, leveraging the domains requires understanding which questions to ask in order to ensure that the system and residency partner is acting in alignment and fully leveraging the partnership.

This report enables systems to understand, identify, and scale best practices learned from others doing this work, leveraging a toolbox of specific questions to ask to ensure true alignment between them and potential residency partners on needs, goals, and specific structures that enable success.

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