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Implementation briefs: Teacher Preparation and The Next Education Workforce

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University


This collection of implementation briefs is a companion piece to Teacher Preparation and the Next Education Workforce (Thompson et al., 2020) and goes deeper into several facets of the initial team-based models with teacher candidates, including: role descriptions, readiness conditions for district partners, financial models, and implications for teacher preparation

At MLFTC, the baccalaureate (Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education) is a four-year, eight-term (i.e., semester) program. The freshmen and sophomore years (terms 1–4) contain exploratory and content-area coursework. Students formally enter the teacher preparation program in their junior year (term 5). Juniors conduct part-time professional experiences referred to as internships, and seniors conduct full-time professional experiences known as residencies.

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