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Simple Shifts: Paying Aspiring Teachers with Existing Resources

Hannah Dennis and Karen DeMoss

Prepared to Teach, Bank Street College of Education

April 2021

Reallocation helps partnerships redesign work roles to better support preparation efforts and to allow candidates to earn compensation during their clinical practice. Simple Shifts shares ways in which residents can bring value to the classroom and how districts and programs have leveraged the skills of aspiring teachers.

Reallocation is the most frequently used approach among the 3 Rs of sustainable funding for teacher preparation—Reallocation, Reduction, and (Re)Investment—because the principles behind reallocation help partnerships realize important goals without the need for new funding sources. At its core, reallocation asks programs, schools, and districts to assess whether their investments in human resources might better serve their goals if those investments were redirected to support aspiring teachers through high-quality programs.

In particular, from across the 3 Rs series of case studies, this report focuses on how preparation programs and their school and district partners might collaborate to offer paid work for candidates. Paid clinical practice is central to making entry into the teaching profession equitable. The status quo of unpaid labor in schools during student teaching perpetuates inequity since teaching is then only accessible to those who can afford to work for free. Through partnership, districts and preparation programs have the ability to reallocate roles so that teacher candidates have access to paid work that complements their learning.

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