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The Pathways Alliance, led by InnovateEDU and the Learning Policy Institute, is an uncommon coalition of leading education organizations dedicated to supporting and implementing diverse and inclusive educator preparation pipelines including teacher residency programs. Given shifts in education and school systems nationwide during the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, effective, affordable, and sustainable education preparation programs and pathways are essential for teachers, schools, and students. We're working together to make this possible.

What We Aim to Do 

  • Build trust and create a sense of purpose across multiple stakeholders to establish comfort in sharing resources across networks.

  • Utilize shared messaging, definitions, and data to ensure visibility of resources.

  • Create widespread access for stakeholders to a seasoned coalition of experts.

  • Work collectively to identify gaps in the ecosystem, create shared goals and connect assets — such as capital, knowledge, and services — thereby ensuring that every new teacher matriculates through an affordable, quality program.

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Trails Pathways Alliance


The Pathways Alliance believes in cross-sector collaboration and support. Check out our resource library for more information and feel free to reach out to become a partner!

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