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2019-2020 Annual Impact Report

National Center for Teacher Residencies


The National Center for Teacher Residencies (NCTR) is the only organization in the country dedicated to developing, launching, supporting, and accelerating the impact of teacher residency programs. Through school-based clinical preparation that is tailored to partner districts’ context, teacher residencies are a proven strategy to increase teacher diversity, effectiveness, and retention.

Teacher residencies have grown in scale and influence in recent years, and the residency movement has never been stronger. Currently, NCTR partner teacher residencies have recruited and prepared over 1,400 residents. At the end of the 2019-2020 school year, NCTR partner teacher residencies had over 1,000 teacher candidates graduate from their programs, representing a 75% increase in residents since 2017. NCTR’s Network has prepared 4,300 cumulative graduates who are teachers of record primarily in Title I schools that serve students from historically marginalized communities. This growth in graduates prepared through a clinically-oriented residency experience represents a 34% increase since 2017 (NCTR Annual Report), demonstrating the scale of the residency movement. These residents and graduates have a tremendous influence on students. The cumulative graduates of residency programs in the NCTR Network have prepared over 240,000 students nationally. NCTR residencies prepare teachers in 21 states, and NCTR currently partners with five state education agencies, developing a pipeline of effective and diverse teachers who are ready on day one to teach this country’s students who are most vulnerable.

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